Tennessee Pass Night Jam

While the Founding Fathers were riding slushy laps and drinking Adult Beverages at the Silverton Whiteout, the Colorado Crew headed to Tennessee Pass for the second race in the Leadville Winter Mountain Bike Series. Held at the Tennsesse Pass Nordic Center, the course meander through trees, past the Cookhouse (just cruel - it was before I'd eaten and smelled yummy) and finished with section of singletrack that would rival a snowy day on Endor. It was a successful endeavor, with most riders staying out of the snow and on two wheels.

Pit Boss - finished in the back of the front of the front of the pack, proclaiming that he was riding "like a girl" on the downhills cause he didn't know where he was going. 
John "I'm just here cause I could get a loaner bike" - decided to take a short siesta in the snow at the start of the singletrack but got a little chilly. As a result, he finished in the front of the middle of the back and got to play tag with the Leader. 
Duane "snow is soft so I don't have to wear my full face helmet" - had already indulged in several Adult Beverages, which made the racing even more fun. He has apparently been "training" this winter and had a fabulous time in the middle of the middle of the back of the pack. 
Daniel "pushing my bike is as much fun as riding it" - was the only member to follow global rules and ride a single speed. He got mesmerized by the lights dancing off the snow and the brilliant stars at 11,000 feet but still finished in the middle of the middle of the pack of single speeders.
Matthew "my goal is to finish in the top 100" met his goal and raced with Duane for most of the night. He wins the yeti look alike prize for the frosted pencil beard. 
The Leader - despite proclaimed goals of just staying upright, the Leader was on a mission and finished in the back of the front of the front of the pack. She and John passed each other several times and she was lucky enough to witness his little siesta. 

Once the pedaling was done, the Nordic Center hosted the after party, raffle and awards ceremony. Dinner was served and was yummy. A local band provided the "jam" part of the evening as riders swapped stories. The raffle wheel of fortune struck as the Pit Boss won a pair of wool socks and the Leader a beer cozy...

Duane and Matt. One looks serious, the other???? (and another HUB rider of whom I forgot his name...)
After the after party, the Crew gathered in a local Leadville watering hole to immerse themselves in the culture of the city. There was heckling over beer pong, pizza scavaging and much entertainment. None of us managed to match "Steve" and his antics, however several did attract the scolding of the bouncer. 


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