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Tennessee Pass Night Jam

While the Founding Fathers were riding slushy laps and drinking Adult Beverages at the Silverton Whiteout, the Colorado Crew headed to Tennessee Pass for the second race in the Leadville Winter Mountain Bike Series. Held at the Tennsesse Pass Nordic Center, the course meander through trees, past the Cookhouse (just cruel - it was before I'd eaten and smelled yummy) and finished with section of singletrack that would rival a snowy day on Endor. It was a successful endeavor, with most riders staying out of the snow and on two wheels.

Pit Boss - finished in the back of the front of the front of the pack, proclaiming that he was riding "like a girl" on the downhills cause he didn't know where he was going. 
John "I'm just here cause I could get a loaner bike" - decided to take a short siesta in the snow at the start of the singletrack but got a little chilly. As a result, he finished in the front of the middle of the back and got to play tag with the …

Snow Shenanigans

Yep. Snow + fat bikes + night races = good times. The BPR CO Crew and a few prospective members will be trekkng across the frozen plains of South Park to Leadville for the Tennessee Pass Night Jam. The competion at the Back of the Pack and the Front of the Back of the Pack will be crazy - made even crazier by the gargantuan size of tires. Not the bikes. The Leader's bike is still midget sized and looks like a tonka truck. As usual, the Pit Boss and The Leader will rolling fully stocked with food, drinks and maybe an extra layer or two in preparation for a possible camping trip during the race. The Chapter prospects may or may not show up just as prepared. 
Regardless, following the snow pedaling there will be a Chapter meeting somewhere in the fine city of Leadville. There will be cold Gluten, fermented apples and rice as well as crushed grapes per Chapter Charter. All prospective Chapter Members are encouraged to attend.