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Chapter Gathering

It's been a while since Teach appeared from his self-imposed seclusion, aka work. So when he suggested a chapter gathering the past weekend, of course Leader and Pit Boss had to make it happen. Nothing far, just down to Canon City and some of the best winter riding for the Front Range chapter members. There's rocks, there A-lines and B-lines and there's some great camping. So close, yet so far. Teach got down first, claiming a spot right on the trail. Leader and Pit Boss followed a little later, with Leader needing to practice what she preaches about working hard - also something about day 14... Of course, the invite for Deuce from BPR-NM was out there, but he had "homework." More then just studying for the BBI course he was taking, but "homework" in discovering the multitude of craft breweries Colorado Springs offers. He'd already gotten the tour of the primary sponsor for Leader's running antics, but with a brewery on every corner practically.…

Mayhem was delivered

Even though some of the crew raced at Copper Mountain a few weeks ago, the Mineral Belt Mayhem was the next primary goal for Leader and Pit Boss. A decent representation for BPR-CO arrived ready to race - although there were no plaid and patches to be seen due to other "apparel requirements."  The weather was more summer-like then winter, with the starting temperature hovering above freezing. That meant both Pit Boss and Leader could break out the spandex and ride in comfort. The rest of the crew in attendance were wearing more BPR appropriate attire, including wool jerseys and baggy shorts.

The track was fast this year - despite the warm conditions. Leader managed to stay upright through the neutral start, adroitly navigating the slippery ice in the corners. Once the race hit the groomed Mineral Belt Trail, it was game on. Lights on into the fading light and riders strung out along the trail. A long slog of a climb up to the high point above the California Gulch, then the …

Under the light of the Tennesse (Pass) Moon

At least that was the plan for the Tennessee Pass Night Jam - racing on snow under the light of the full moon. The weather seemed to have other ideas and as the Crew assembled, the flakes were flying. There would be no moon on this night! Just flurries and snow piling up on the groomed course, making for some classic fat biking conditions. As usual, the Crew following Charter Rules regarding clothing and "Other Obligations." There may or may not have been patches under all the winter riding gear and there was very little spandex showing. Even Pit Boss was wearing baggies, concealing his treasured spandex. There was a record number of Phat bikers toeing the line for this year's 17th edition and the excitement was high. Almost as high as the altitude!

The course was the same as last year, but completely different due to the snow. Riding hardpacked groomers with three inches of new snow makes for a new experience. The snow was heavy enough to accumulate on the bar mitts and…