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Busy Weekend!

The Colorado Chapter of Back of the Pack Racing was super busy this weekend! Lots of events going on and chapter members were scattered across the state partaking in all the epic single track has to offer.

Duane stayed close to home, opting for the rocks of Palmer Park. He and Pit Boss had a late night the evening before, discussing Chapter details and other things at the best watering hole in town, Fieldhouse Brewing. All the extra hydration proved useful the next day in the heat of the race as he won the sprint finish at the end to finish Not Quite Back of the Pack in his class. It was a long day regardless with five laps of racing.

Data from Ascent Cycling Race #1
Elevatioin Change - TBA
Distance - TBA
Functional Clothes - baggies and a jersey - there might have been some spandex in the jersey
Suspension - at least in the front...
Gears - probably

Pit Boss did his usual behind the scenes magic. There's nary a photo of him, but he was at the Ascent Race all day helping out. Th…