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There is NO Judgement at Camp Tall Boy

It all started as a friday night ride, interupted by a large beer at the end.  It has evolved to meetings at breweries to talk about bikes, and eventually bike packing.  There are those of us that take bike packing very seriously and devise the most optimal gear set up as possible (Pit Boss), and then there is me.  My primary goal is to pack as much cold beer as possible for after the ride up the mountain.

Pit Boss and the Leader wouldn't make it for this outing as they had "goals" about some "race", or some shit like that.
Our story begins at LZ Pit Boss.  The picture below has been redacted for operational security (OPSEC) reasons.

From there a stop was made at a local watering hole for beers essential provisions.

From there the fun began.  For algorithm purposes it was 12 miles and 2210ft of up carrying gear and beer.  I always leave early as I am very slow deliberate in my pace.  I am in the Back of the Pack, the pack of one.  You figure it out.  After a …

Without wheels....

Sometimes the BPR-CO does things without wheels. Which gets confusing... How does the Chapter Charter apply when there are no wheels, no mechanical advantages and no dropper posts? And what about functional clothes? Running shorts are already pretty skimpy and revealing and Charter rules are pretty clear about that one. 
But I digress. Sometimes we here in Colorado like abandoning our bikes for a simpler method of travel. Exploring the world on foot can be a nice change of pace as well. With that in mind, Leader decided that it was time to tackle the distance she usually travels by bike on foot. Yes - 50 miles in the back woods of Fairplay, on the edge of South Park. It's something she's wanted to do since before becoming a cyclist. So last weekend, Leader toed the line for her race, ready to take the demons of distance. Without wheels, it was going to be a very long day for sure... 
This isn't just about Leader though. It's a tale of Pit Boss - and how you can take away…

Rules of interpretation?

One thing that BPR-CO prides itself on is preparation for any events - Chapter Events or otherwise. Just look at all the man-purses on Pit Boss's bike! If something breaks on the trail, I'm sure that he'll be able to fix it. Run out of water? Pit Boss usually has one if not two methods of treating water with him. Bonking? I'm always carrying way too much food and have been known to share on a few occasions. But to a limit - if someone has a flat tire, but was too much of a weight wienie to carry a tube, let alone a pump - the assistance might not be as forthcoming. We are always willing to help those who tried to help themselves. Someone who is unprepared for that they are facing? It's a little harder in that case. Obviously, I wouldn't want someone to get seriously hurt because I didn't give them a rice bar. At the same time, without that objective lesson of struggling home with no food, will that rider ever learn to prepare properly? Or will he head out t…


Growler weekend for Pit Boss and Leader meant campfires, rocks to play on and marshmallows for toasting. They are for sharing after all... The crew hung out with the Ascent Cyling gang, ensuring full pours for all - at least after the racing! 
Pit Boss took on the Half Growler, racing as he always does full squish and 34xYM. Leader took her turn as the bottle boss, piloting the Brown Bullet through out Hartmans Rocks. While her skills might not be as great as Pit Boss, she was able to cover the ground needed to ensure proper fluid delivery. Meanwhile, Pit Boss was turning the cranks, attempting to defend his single speed win from the year before. But the course is a different animal in each direction and it would not be tamed by him this year. Pit Boss finished back of the front of the back and is already making plans for next year.  Data from Pit Boss's Half Growler.  Distance: 37 miles (it's a full pour...) Elevation gain: 4462  Time: 3:23:12 Functional Clothes: absolutely - other…

Busy Weekend!

The Colorado Chapter of Back of the Pack Racing was super busy this weekend! Lots of events going on and chapter members were scattered across the state partaking in all the epic single track has to offer.

Duane stayed close to home, opting for the rocks of Palmer Park. He and Pit Boss had a late night the evening before, discussing Chapter details and other things at the best watering hole in town, Fieldhouse Brewing. All the extra hydration proved useful the next day in the heat of the race as he won the sprint finish at the end to finish Not Quite Back of the Pack in his class. It was a long day regardless with five laps of racing.

Data from Ascent Cycling Race #1
Elevatioin Change - TBA
Distance - TBA
Functional Clothes - baggies and a jersey - there might have been some spandex in the jersey
Suspension - at least in the front...
Gears - probably

Pit Boss did his usual behind the scenes magic. There's nary a photo of him, but he was at the Ascent Race all day helping out. Th…

Spring Break 2016

Spring Break 2016         This year, Spring Break couldn’t come fast enough!  I was in need of a break and a chance to rejuvenate.  I had plenty of hopes to ride every day, but the unpredictable weather here in Colorado put a little kink in my big plans.  But the days that were nice enough to ride helped bring anticipation for the bike season.  To start out Spring Break was our traditional Tall Boy Ride on Friday afternoon.  But this week, because of the weather, we had to have a Tall Boy Sit at a local brewery.  Storybook Brewery was the location and is a great replacement for our usual Tall Boy destination of Palmer Park.  It is hard to complain about the weather here because the majority of year, we are able to get out and ride on Friday afternoons.  It is always hard to believe that Palmer Park is in the middle of a city and has the type of riding that is there.  Here is an example of one of the views we have in this city owned park. 

The weekend brought nicer weather and allowe…


True Grit Epic - one of the races on the BPR-CO calendar where the Colorado Charter is in full effect. Why? Well, rocks are fun. Steep downhills with rocks are fun. And suspension makes it all that much more fun! So yes, plenty of mechanical advantages on the Two Wheeled Self Propelled devices AKA Bikes. True Grit really lives up to the motto "Long, Tough, Technical" - and that's just the 50 mile loop! For those hearty souls brave (nuts?) enough to step up to the 100... Yeah. Not happening for this Crew. But anyway... True Grit is a tail of four trail systems, which makes it one of the best endurance races around. There is the relentless double track and single track climbs and sharp, washy descents of Barrel Ride, with the waterfall descent as the exclamation point at the end. Next comes Zen - some of the most fun to be had in 6 miles of singletrack that requires the ability to ride both up and down. No free speed descents in Zen; it's all earned speed. After the Th…

Bringing the mayhem

The winter mountains of Colorado might be better known for skiing then bike racing, but that is quickly changing as riders discover the fun of Fat Bikes. BPR MI and other new chapters might laugh that it has taken this long for the CO crew to realize this, but now we have. And things will never be the same in winter again! Of course, Pit Boss and Leader try to cram as much into one day as possible decided that playing on planks was a fantasic way to warm up for a twilight start. Fun times at the butterfly, working on the turns meant for some tired legs for both of them when they arrived in Leadville. 
Mineral Belt Meyhem - the third of the Leadville Winter Bike Series. Set on the Mineral Belt trail that encircles the town, with the addition of some groomed singletrack. PBville is rightfully proud of their  groomed trails and they are quite fun to ride. Even more so at night when you never really know where you are or if the lights you see are ahead or behind you... But I digress. MBM i…

Night Jamming

A full moon at 10,500 feet somehow shines even brighter. At least that consensus for the Colorado Crew gathered at the Tennessee Pass Cook House and Nordic Center for the 16th annual Tennessee Pass Night Jam. This is one of the best races in the Leadville Winter Bike Series, with a fun course and a very welcoming atmosphere at the Nordic Center following the race with food and Adult Beverages. It's a grand mix of groomed ski trails and packed in single track, with plenty of challenging climbing and twisting descents. There was evidence of carnage on all the descents, including a few very obvious face plants in the snow.

Results for the Colorado Crew:
Leader - Middle of the Front of the Pack (1:22:28. She was feeling like her computer the entire race with a "low battery" warning going off at the start. She still managed to mostly keep the phat tires rolling on the groomed Nordic trails and single track.

Pit Boss - Middle of the Front of the Pack (1:04:38). The hole shot …