The best kind of Mayhem...

Another Saturday night in Leadville for the Crew - this time for the Mineral Belt Mayhem. After an afternoon of watching skijoring - apparently it's a big thing! - it was time for the fatbikers to take over downtown before heading off under the near full moon and waning sunset. There was a "gentlemans" controls start on the icy roads before the herd of riders was released into the darkness. With a long, gradual climb on the groomed nordic trail that is the Mineral Belt in winter, there was plenty of time to spread out the field. It was a long climb made harder by the thin air of Leadville. Lights dancing off the snow competed with the moon to illuminated the course.  After a downhill long enough to bring out the chills, there was another short climb. And then - back to winter on Endor. This section wasn't speeder fast, but twisting and and turning enough to confuse anyone. It was impossible to tell who was coming or going as the trail wound around trees. Groomed singletrack is as fun as it sounds and added a dash of thrill and excitement to the race. Then a final long long climb through town - the trail straight enough to see riders far ahead. One more turn and it was back down Harrison through the skijoring course. The Crew all had a blast, raced hard and enjoyed themselves. 

Pit Boss "I forgot how to ride without my dropper post" overcame a sluggish start and near snow sampling episode to finish at the front of the front of the front of back of the pack - including a nice little siesta to fix the aforementioned dropper post.

John didn't find any trees that needed hugging this time around and finished right in the middle of the front of the front of the back of the pack. For his second time on a fat bike, he was all grins at the finish and even happier with the raffle results. 

The Leader "pulling the ponytail factor means I'm gonna outsprint you..." Bolted like a scared rabbit from the neutral start and kept the hammer down for the entire climb. Picking the smooth lines thru Endor and keeping the rubber side down the entire time, she found herself in a ponytail factor induced sprint through the skijoring course. Given the Chapter Charter, there was no way she would lose that sprint. She finished in the front of the front of the pack.

Matthew "the quiet one" didn't talk much about his race while enjoying adult beverages. He was pleased with finishing in the top 100 again and might have his own report up later...

Daniel "if low pressure is good, no pressure must be better - until it isn't..." He started out with a shy too little air pressure but was saved by a good Samaritan willing the share a pump. From there on it was all fun and games and hard racing. The real fun would be fine the next day when he got to take his mother to Ikea...

There's one more race in the Leadville Winter bike series - the East Side Epic. The Crew will be returning for a final hurrah before handing up the fat tires for the summer. 

And how about a photo from the skijoring? Will try to get a video up later!


  1. Yes, I will have a report soon for the Pit Boss, including pre and post race nutrition.


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