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2015 UCI World Road Championships

UCI Road World Championships, Richmond Virginia 2015.  I still cannot get over the fact that the world’s best riders were in my hometown to race for the rainbow jersey.  If only I was able to watch the races happen.  What was I doing there then?  Making sure the races DID happen.  I was given an opportunity of a life time to be on a 12 person production team to ensure the races looked perfect, ensure happy fans, and most importantly, happy UCI officials and racers.  Because Richmond is my hometown, I ran into many friends who were curious as to why I had all access credentials, a walkie-talkie and a hurried demeanor.  The question of what my job was became harder to answer as the days progressed as there weren’t many things I did not do.  To name a few tasks my crew did the following:  made over 500 50lb sandbags, throw and pick up said 500 sandbags, throw over 20 miles of fence line, hang 75 tv’s in media and VIP tents, hang 20 miles of fence banners, and oversee placement and organ…