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Chapter Gathering

It's been a while since Teach appeared from his self-imposed seclusion, aka work. So when he suggested a chapter gathering the past weekend, of course Leader and Pit Boss had to make it happen. Nothing far, just down to Canon City and some of the best winter riding for the Front Range chapter members. There's rocks, there A-lines and B-lines and there's some great camping. So close, yet so far. Teach got down first, claiming a spot right on the trail. Leader and Pit Boss followed a little later, with Leader needing to practice what she preaches about working hard - also something about day 14... Of course, the invite for Deuce from BPR-NM was out there, but he had "homework." More then just studying for the BBI course he was taking, but "homework" in discovering the multitude of craft breweries Colorado Springs offers. He'd already gotten the tour of the primary sponsor for Leader's running antics, but with a brewery on every corner practically.…