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Under the light of the Tennesse (Pass) Moon

At least that was the plan for the Tennessee Pass Night Jam - racing on snow under the light of the full moon. The weather seemed to have other ideas and as the Crew assembled, the flakes were flying. There would be no moon on this night! Just flurries and snow piling up on the groomed course, making for some classic fat biking conditions. As usual, the Crew following Charter Rules regarding clothing and "Other Obligations." There may or may not have been patches under all the winter riding gear and there was very little spandex showing. Even Pit Boss was wearing baggies, concealing his treasured spandex. There was a record number of Phat bikers toeing the line for this year's 17th edition and the excitement was high. Almost as high as the altitude!

The course was the same as last year, but completely different due to the snow. Riding hardpacked groomers with three inches of new snow makes for a new experience. The snow was heavy enough to accumulate on the bar mitts and…