With spring comes rejuvenation

To say that I am ready for spring is an overstatement!  This is unusual for me because I am a fan of winter and love to experience a yin to the yang of our warmer summer months.  But this past winter really held my boots over the fire so to speak.  Over the past few years, I have ridden my bike an abnormal amount of times and feel like I am in pretty decent shape.  But something hit me like a brick wall this winter and took me completely by surprise.  About two months ago, I got hit with a cold that kept its storm cloud over me for about 6-8 weeks.  I will spare you the details of what came out of my lungs and head, but it wasn't a pretty sight.  The hardest part of these 6-8 weeks was not even getting an urge to put my feet onto my pedals.  The desire to hit the trails dwindled down to a faint glow.  Deep down though, with healthful retrospect, it feels to me that my body was telling me that it was beat up.  My body is getting excited for spring and the warmer months ahead.  The longer days of summer are starting to take affect on me and I am feeling like a plant just starting to germinate.  But for this to happen, patience is what I need to focus on.  Taking it easy is the hardest part, I want to just jump on the bike and ride like it is August.  Warmer months are ahead and I am looking forward to turning back into my normal self.   I look forward to seeing the familiar faces that I run into while clipped into my pedals!  I also hope that you find what rejuvenates you in the spring time.  Cheers!



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