Not much racing news - the annual gathering of the CO crew was sadly canceled due to the party not being held. Without the Party in the Sage, several crew members opted for a small pilgrimage instead, enjoying late summer adult beverages at "The Spot." Hopefully one of them will write some words, but that part of the Crew seems rather stingy when it comes to sharing the Lifestyle. 

The Leader and Pit Boss opted to still go out to the location of the Annual Gathering for some two wheeled and two footed fun. There was exploring in the sage, new lines discovered on old rocks and plenty of in camp Shenanigans. In fact, without the pressure of a race both the Leader and Pit Boss were able to let their hair down and enjoy the fun of the camp. Marshmallows are for sharing, as are gluten free bisuts dipped in dark chocolate. And while Vodka Limeades are good, vodka orange juice will suffice as an Adult Beverage.

The Crew has gotten busy with torturing old people and corrupting impressionable minds as summer winds down. But thatdoesn't  mean it's all over till the snow flys! Hopefully, there will be some reports from the fast people on skinny wheels from Virgina and other adventures. 


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