Chapter Charter

Back of the Pack Racing - Colorado Chapter Charter
By the Authority granted to the Chapter Leader by the Founding Fathers, the Colorado Chapter hereby adopts the following charter for Operation.

1) Colorado Chapter Mission, Vision and Intent
1.1 Mission
The mission of the Colorado Chapter of BPR is to promote mountain bike riding alongside racing, with an emphasis on fun, comradery and finding the biggest rocks to ride off of as possible.

1.2 Vision
BPR Colorado has the vision of traveling the least distance possible for the most fun events, riding bikes as hard as possible, encouraging a love of riding while passing as many far too serious riders as possible. It's about racing hard, riding fun and hanging out with like-minded cycle addicts.      

1.2 Intent
Ride Bikes! Have fun! Race Bikes! Find rocks to play on.... Encourage other to follow suit.

2) Colorado Chapter Two Wheeled Self Propelled Vehicles (AKA Bikes)
2.1 Requirements
All members of BPR CO are required to have a bike of some kind.
      If it fits you, ride it and have fun.
      Wheel size is dependent on bike fit. All wheels sizes are acceptable to BPR CO.

2.2 Suspension Rules
Rocks are fun. Big rocks are more fun. Therefore, suspension will be allowed with provisions in the BPR CO chapter. Provisions will be provided on a case by case basis by the Chapter Leader. Bribes are accepted.
      Forks make the ride smoother. Enough said.
      Sometimes having full squish is worth the weight.

2.3 Gears
Since only one gear can be used at a time, members of the BPR CO crew will be allowed to ride geared bikes as needed.
      Full squish bikes equal fun single speed bikes

3) Colorado Chapter Apparel AKA The Look AKA Kits
3.1 The Look
As it is understood by the BPR CO Chapter Leader that prospective members may have outside obligations for racing kits, PLAID & PATCHES will not be a requirement during Chapter Events AKA Races. HOWEVER - if possible and as applicable, the appropriate color PLAID as designated by the Chapter Leader with appropriate PATCHES (contact The Founding Fathers for detailed information) should be worn before and after Chapter Events AKA Races.
    If Chapter Members have other team Kits, those commitments take priority.
    If there are no other Team Kit equipments, Chapter Members can wear whatever is comfortable for distance of event. Bright colors are encouraged, especially neon green socks.

3.2 Functional Clothes AKA spandex
While it is understood that The Founding Fathers have strict guidelines against Dudes wearing spandex, the BPR CO chapter realizes that Functional Clothes can promote improved performance while on the Bike, which will allow for more Liquid Advil later. It is also understood that Chapter Members may be required to wear Functional Clothes for various reasons. As such, Functional Clothes will be allowed for all Chapter Members but only during specific and limited times.
     Functional clothes are limited to the time when astride Two Wheeled Self Propelled Vehicle AKA bikes or within a narrow window when preparing to ride or following ride. This rule applies to both Dudes and Dudettes equally. 
    Chapter Members must change out of Functional Clothes as soon as possible following completion of ride or race. Chapter Members found hanging out in sweaty Functional Clothes will be roundly ridiculed.
       The ONLY exception to this rule is if Chapter Member is racing Duo and will be heading out for another lap within a short period of time following completion of prior lap

3.3 Comfort Rules
When there is inclement weather, all rules regarding BPR CO Chapter apparel can be disregarded. Anything goes.

4) Membership of the Colorado Chapter
4.1 Membership of the BPR CO Chapter will be determined on a case by case basis, but will be judged on love of riding, engagement with other riders and etiquette while on Two Wheeled Self Propelled Vehicle AKA Bikes. Resumes will be accepted at any time.
   If you can't say hi or wave at another rider, don't even think about submitting a resume for membership.
   J@ck@$$ riders with poor trail etiquette will be laughed at.
   Riders who epitomize CAT 2 syndrome will ridiculed.
   Riders who frequently suffer from Ponytail syndrome will be dropped, preferably in the most technical section of trail

4.2 Member Requirements of the BPR CO Chapter will include but not be limited to the following:
   To be determined by Chapter Leader.
   A pilgrimage to the Chapter Gathering at The Best Party at a Mountain Bike Race will be required at least once, preferably annually.
   A self supported ride to the Bike Packing Camping Spot with the BPR CO Chapter Leader and/or the Pit Boss.
       If you don't know who the Pit Boss is, you need to do some research before submitting your resume.

5) Nutrition Requirements of the BPR CO Chapter.
5.1 As the BPR CO Chapter is based on the principles of Fun, Fast and Friendship, there are specific Nutrition Requirements that will be strictly enforced while attending Chapter Events.
   Functional and Engineered Foods are highly discouraged. Real food is the choice of the Chapter Leader and Pit Boss. Real Food items include Glutard Cake, Snickers bars, Potatoes, Bacon and other such edible items.
   Gourmet Menus of easy to eat Real Food items that will make the entire camp jealous are a requirement when attending Chapter Events
      Bonus points will be awarded for grilling steak mid Chapter Event.
Marshmellows are for sharing.

5.2 Adult Beverages AKA Liquid Advil of any nature are highly encouraged for socializing before, during and after Chapter Events.
   Specifics of Adult Beverages AKA Liquid Advil will be left up to individual Chapter Members as it is understood that there are many different tastes and tolerances. Utilization of Chapter Event provided Adult Beverages AKA Liquid Advil is encouraged.
   If the Pit Boss is not actively racing, then his services may be obtained thru bartering with Adult Beverages AKA Liquid Advil. You better know what he likes if you plan on utilizing his services.
   Magnums of cheap, sweet wine will never be ridiculed during Chapter Events

6) Etcetera
6.1 This Charter may be modified at any time by the BPR CO Chapter Leader or by the Pit Boss. Do not assume that what you are reading reflects the most recent updates to the BPR CO Chapter Charter.
6.2 If it is not addressed in this Charter, then the Global BPR Rules will apply.


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