Under the light of the Tennesse (Pass) Moon

At least that was the plan for the Tennessee Pass Night Jam - racing on snow under the light of the full moon. The weather seemed to have other ideas and as the Crew assembled, the flakes were flying. There would be no moon on this night! Just flurries and snow piling up on the groomed course, making for some classic fat biking conditions. As usual, the Crew following Charter Rules regarding clothing and "Other Obligations." There may or may not have been patches under all the winter riding gear and there was very little spandex showing. Even Pit Boss was wearing baggies, concealing his treasured spandex. There was a record number of Phat bikers toeing the line for this year's 17th edition and the excitement was high. Almost as high as the altitude!

The Crew organizing
Photo - Old Guy
The course was the same as last year, but completely different due to the snow. Riding hardpacked groomers with three inches of new snow makes for a new experience. The snow was heavy enough to accumulate on the bar mitts and helmets of the Crew. It was a surreal world illuminated by the spotlights from the riders - darkness and white.

On the starting line
Photo - Justin Talbot
Crew Stats
Byrdman - Back of the Front of the Pack (1:06:55). He took top spot among the crew this year, with his enthusiasm leading the way. He was whooping it up the entire time, making those around him who were taking it to seriously doubt themselves

Pit Boss - Back of the Front of the Pack (1:07:16) He forgot how long the race was and was saving up for the last climb. Too bad he was on the last climb! The Dropper Post was key to the fun in the end as he and Byrdman took turns hitting the Booter. (To the Dismay of the timers...)

Back Pack Dan - Middle of the Middle of the Pack (1:15:00) His goal was to have as much fun as possible. That entailed riding like a wild man and numerous episodes of snow sampling. There was a bigger grin on his face after each wipeout! And true to his name, he was wearing one of the larger backpacks Leader had seen in the race.

Old Guy - Back of the Middle of the Pack (1:22:41) After a successful outing at Fat Bike Worlds a few weeks ago, he was happy to be up there riding his bike among friends.

Leader - Front of the Pack ( 1:18:20) She decided to see how soft the snow was on the first corner. It turned into a battle of wills and a test of her stubbornness to finish the race. If you are gonna be dumb, you better be tough... Pit Boss was recruited for some post race assistance living up to his name following her finish.

Flounder was unfortunately unable to make the race as he was supervising relocation attempts. I'm sure we will have a BPR -VA chapter soon...

Race Stats - for those keeping score on the algorithm.
Elevation at start 10,528. Highest point - 10,762. Lowest point - 10,117. Total elevation gain 1,211
Race distance - 11.2 miles depending on what Strava decided to measure.
Functional Clothes - as appropriate for weather conditions
Gears - only one was used at a time on all bikes
Suspension - arms and legs are all the suspension required!
Dropper Posts - Who likes a saddle up the @ss? There were at least two.

Photo - Justin Talbot


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