Nap time! Or not...

25 Hours of Frog Hollow. The longest one day mountain bike race and a good party (although if it's not held over time change, is it really one day?) Pit Boss and Leader finally got to race their   favorite style of NASCAR relay racing - taking on the duo teams and holding no quarter at least until it was time to stop. 

Pot Boss was given the La Mans start due to Leader's inability to run. And generally because he's faster and the guys almost always start... And fast he was, coming in to transition in the top five riders. Leader hobbled to her bike and started pedaling her first lap. Windy as $h1t, making passing wheels very attractive and dusty as h€11, greatly diminishing the attractiveness of that draft. Neither of those two facts would change during the race. The wind would ebb and flow, playing riders for fools as it died down in town only to come roaring back moments after leaving for a lap. As for the dust, well that just got worse and worse, coating everything in brown sugar powder. 

Pit Boss and Leader are well experienced with 24 hour racing and through years of trial and error, have figured out that alternating is really the fastest. Rest sounds appealing, but it messes with the mind and body when racing duo. With that in mind, they would appear in the transition tent like clockwork. The consistency of the duo quickly pulled them into the lead of the duo class, to the surprise of the boys camped next to them who were closely matching them lap for lap for many hours.

Frog Hollow is the race for people who love night riding. Leader got both the sunset lap and the sunrise lap this year - on the 6th lap and the 20th lap. Yeah, it was dark for more then 50% of the race. Both Pit Boss and Leader love the darkness, so they were able to keep ticking it over without much of a slowdown. There was the usual fatigue of the long night, especially with the wind wrecking havoc. Nobody was happy with the wind, especially when it didn't die down after sunset like on prior nights.

Leader was loving the quiet dark but ready for the promised Nap Time of their team name. After all, they also had a vacation to get to once the racing was done! But after the events of last year, when they'd gone to bed two laps up and finished three laps down, Pit Boss wanted to ensure the outcome. So there was no nap time this year. As a result, Leader was treated to one of the best sunrise laps she's had. Worth staying up through the night for! 

In the end, BPR-CO team Nap Time! finished with 20 laps, solidly in the Feont of the Middle of the Pack of teams and the Front of the Pack for the Coed Duo teams. 25 Hours of Frog Hollow is highly recommended for anyone interested in a 24 hour event. Low key, but a super fun course and outstanding organization. 


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