Spring Break 2016

Spring Break 2016        
This year, Spring Break couldn’t come fast enough!  I was in need of a break and a chance to rejuvenate.  I had plenty of hopes to ride every day, but the unpredictable weather here in Colorado put a little kink in my big plans.  But the days that were nice enough to ride helped bring anticipation for the bike season.  To start out Spring Break was our traditional Tall Boy Ride on Friday afternoon.  But this week, because of the weather, we had to have a Tall Boy Sit at a local brewery.  Storybook Brewery was the location and is a great replacement for our usual Tall Boy destination of Palmer Park.  It is hard to complain about the weather here because the majority of year, we are able to get out and ride on Friday afternoons.  It is always hard to believe that Palmer Park is in the middle of a city and has the type of riding that is there.  Here is an example of one of the views we have in this city owned park. 

The weekend brought nicer weather and allowed me to get out for some longer rides.  And the cherry on top of the Sunday that is Spring Break, was the ride on a new trail in Colorado Springs.  The Park Ute Valley is a great place to ride, but is sometimes hard to access from the local bike paths.  The City built a new connector and paid a trail group to come in and build it this fall.  The connector is amazing, well built and has multiple line options as you go along.  Getting to ride this new outstanding trail into the park with some great friends made this the highlight of my Spring Break.   

Here’s to hoping that there are more days like these throughout the 2016 bike season! 

- Teach


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