Busy Weekend!

The Colorado Chapter of Back of the Pack Racing was super busy this weekend! Lots of events going on and chapter members were scattered across the state partaking in all the epic single track has to offer.

Duane stayed close to home, opting for the rocks of Palmer Park. He and Pit Boss had a late night the evening before, discussing Chapter details and other things at the best watering hole in town, Fieldhouse Brewing. All the extra hydration proved useful the next day in the heat of the race as he won the sprint finish at the end to finish Not Quite Back of the Pack in his class. It was a long day regardless with five laps of racing.

Duane.... Riding his bike
Photo - Pit Boss

Data from Ascent Cycling Race #1
Elevatioin Change - TBA
Distance - TBA
Functional Clothes - baggies and a jersey - there might have been some spandex in the jersey
Suspension - at least in the front...
Gears - probably

Pit Boss did his usual behind the scenes magic. There's nary a photo of him, but he was at the Ascent Race all day helping out. That might have meant course tear down, course marshal or just all around king heckler... Who knows with that one?

The Old Guy road tripped to Grand Junction for the Epic Rides Grand Junction Off Road. He took on the 30 Grand race and finished solidly in the middle of pack for the Masters Men. Hopefully, there will be some words and photos from him about that adventure later...

Leader also took a road trip to re-awaken her dormant multisport legs at the Original Meowler Duathlon in Gunnison. Quite the interesting race, that one. Held at Hartman Rocks, it's one lap of the Original Growler course - complete with all the fun backcountry, technical singletrack riding that race is known for. But wait - there's more! This is a duathlon, meaning there's got to be a second sport involved. In this case, it's a trail run around the Aberdeen Loop - about as far away from civilization as one can get and still be in Hartman Rocks. To make it more complicated, the run is in the middle of the ride. That means no easy transition area right at the start/finish - if you wanted it for the run, you'd better be carrying it with you... Leader was on her own since Pit Boss stayed home, but still managed a good race, finishing as the first loser in the woman's field in 5:12:15

Leader likes her rocks... Full squish all the way!!
Photo - Dave Kozlowski
Looks like Leader pretending how to run....
Photo - Dave Kozlowski
The Data from the Meowler:
Elevation Change (bike): 3625ft
Elevation Change (run): 1152ft
Distance (bike): 32.3m
Distance (run): 9.5m
Functional clothes: Yep. All the way. There might have been a tri-geek flashback
Suspension: Full Squish mode engaged...
Gears: Just one at a time, but 11 were available
Other notes - Who ever thought of a bike-run-bike duathlon on singletrack is brilliant!!


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