Growler weekend for Pit Boss and Leader meant campfires, rocks to play on and marshmallows for toasting. They are for sharing after all... The crew hung out with the Ascent Cyling gang, ensuring full pours for all - at least after the racing! 

Pit Boss took on the Half Growler, racing as he always does full squish and 34xYM. Leader took her turn as the bottle boss, piloting the Brown Bullet through out Hartmans Rocks. While her skills might not be as great as Pit Boss, she was able to cover the ground needed to ensure proper fluid delivery. Meanwhile, Pit Boss was turning the cranks, attempting to defend his single speed win from the year before. But the course is a different animal in each direction and it would not be tamed by him this year. Pit Boss finished back of the front of the back and is already making plans for next year. 
Data from Pit Boss's Half Growler. 
Distance: 37 miles (it's a full pour...)
Elevation gain: 4462 
Time: 3:23:12
Functional Clothes: absolutely - other team commitments and comfort as part of the Colorado Charter dictate it.
Gears - 34xYM. It's Pit Boss - need I say more?
Suspension - rocks are fun. And there are plenty out at Hartmans. 

The next day, Leader tackled the Full Growler - two laps of fun in Hartmans. Pit Boss resumed his namesake role, ensuring timely bottle exchanges, plenty of food and fresh bladders in Leaders pack. While all she had to do was pedal her bike, Pit Boss had lots of ground to cover to keep one step ahead of her. He did it fantastically, always being where he said he would be, with plenty of food and fluids. Leader did have to keep her head on her shoulder throughout the race, attempting to ensure that the ponytail factor would never be a factor. She was successful in that endeavor, treating plenty of guys to a nice view as she cleaned the rock gardens. In the racing venue, she also finished in the back of the front of the pack, joining some pretty quick company.
Data from Leader's Full Growler:
Distance: 69.7 miles (another full pour..)
Elevation Gain: 8652
Time: 6:58:50
Functional Clothes: comfort is key for a long day on the bike.
Gears: as allowed, although the bike wasn't happy with all the dust near the end...
Suspension - see above. Rocks are fun!

All photos by Matt Burt Photography -


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