Without wheels....

Sometimes the BPR-CO does things without wheels. Which gets confusing... How does the Chapter Charter apply when there are no wheels, no mechanical advantages and no dropper posts? And what about functional clothes? Running shorts are already pretty skimpy and revealing and Charter rules are pretty clear about that one. 

But I digress. Sometimes we here in Colorado like abandoning our bikes for a simpler method of travel. Exploring the world on foot can be a nice change of pace as well. With that in mind, Leader decided that it was time to tackle the distance she usually travels by bike on foot. Yes - 50 miles in the back woods of Fairplay, on the edge of South Park. It's something she's wanted to do since before becoming a cyclist. So last weekend, Leader toed the line for her race, ready to take the demons of distance. Without wheels, it was going to be a very long day for sure... 

This isn't just about Leader though. It's a tale of Pit Boss - and how you can take away the wheels but never take away the inherent awesomeness and organization that embodies Pit Poss. There were two crew points where Pit Boss could sprint into action and he nailed both of them. Since it was the first long distance running race for Leader, Pit Boss was hoping to learn a few tricks of the trade from the more experienced running crews. As is typical for any event with Pot Boss and Leader, there was plenty of course review, gear analysis and planning. Armed with Leaders plan, Pit Boss headed to the first crew point. He set up the awesome set up - chair with yoga mat, and her shoes set out, the cooler at the ready. And waited. And waited. After all, he was at mile 27. Over a marathon into the race. Just a few hours of warn for. He did make the best of it, with Chapter approved bike in tow, he was able to knock out a quick ride before Leader arrived. And when she did, all action. How quickly can you change shoes and socks, put a new bladder in the pack, drink an entire can of coke and inhale a waffle? As well as wash your face and soak your hat in ice? Yeah. Lots of stuff going on in not a lot of time! But that's what Pot Boss does. A whirlwind of getting shit done, but so organized about it. It didn't take long before Leader was back on her feet, heading out for the next few miles. It would be another 11 miles before Leader reached the next check point.

Mile 38 - as Leader emerged from the woods, her hunters orange hat shining bright in the afternoon sun. Time for Pit Boss to go to work again! This time he was forcing her to double fist a coke and a ginger ale, as well as yogurt and more food. But Leader knows Pit Boss well and wasn't going to argue. She actually asked for the yogurt! And for more Asher, and for her shirt to be soaked... But they are a team. And an awesome team given by the crowd that gathered to watch at the second crew point. No one believed that it was their first ultra - on foot that is. After all, there is such a difference between crew for running and cycling...

Either way, Pit Boss rocks. He's got it dialed and you'd be luck to have him on your team!

For the Data:
Leader is nuts. Just a little crazy. She was front of the front of the pack, but couldn't walk the minute she crossed the finish line. 
Distance: 54 miles or there about. 
Elevation gain: 9071 (it all depends on what GPS you used...)
Time: 11:55:00 (there was some rounding up...)

And there was a Ferris wheel at the finish... 


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