Mayhem was delivered

Even though some of the crew raced at Copper Mountain a few weeks ago, the Mineral Belt Mayhem was the next primary goal for Leader and Pit Boss. A decent representation for BPR-CO arrived ready to race - although there were no plaid and patches to be seen due to other "apparel requirements."  The weather was more summer-like then winter, with the starting temperature hovering above freezing. That meant both Pit Boss and Leader could break out the spandex and ride in comfort. The rest of the crew in attendance were wearing more BPR appropriate attire, including wool jerseys and baggy shorts.

The track was fast this year - despite the warm conditions. Leader managed to stay upright through the neutral start, adroitly navigating the slippery ice in the corners. Once the race hit the groomed Mineral Belt Trail, it was game on. Lights on into the fading light and riders strung out along the trail. A long slog of a climb up to the high point above the California Gulch, then the plunge down towards Colorado Mountain College. A too-short but just enough to cause some giggling section of single track before the final climb back to the finish on Harrison Ave. Not as technical as the Tennessee Pass Night Jam, but just as much fun.

Leader found herself a friend!

Nathan, Backpack Dan, Dallas and Old Guy - the pre-party gathering
But the true story of this race comes after the race. There was the pre-party gathering in Backpack Dan's awesome rig where Colorado whiskey was enjoyed and new friends were made. It was a warm and cozy environment , but too soon we had to venture into the cold and to the main party, err awards ceremony. Even Leader got into the party mood at the awards, taking advantage of the adult beverage sponsor's handouts. Since joining a running team with a drinking issue, she's discovered the joys in some of the lighter craft beverages... There was some harder stuff being passed around and the bottle was empty by the end of the night. Unfortunately, no one in the crew was lucky in the raffle, although Pit Boss inherited Leader's too-big socks.

Yeah, Pit Boss is gonna stick to his mini Bud Lights I think. Whiskey is NOT his yoga!
And then there was the after-party. The crew retired to the Scarlet to enjoy the live band, possibly attempt some dancing, play some pool and take in the people watching. Some of the crew were more attuned to people watching then others... Others became the people being watched...
Pit Boss showed his stuff with a pool cue while Leader was simply proud that she was able to hit the ball she was aiming for. Getting it into the pocket? Bonus! And all the while, Leader was obsessively checking the little blue dot of The Philosofizer during his trek towards McGrath. Yeah, she can double task with an adult beverage in hand! However, Backpack Dan's skill at multi-tasking wasn't quite as good. His goal of shutting down the bar was admirable, but Leader didn't make it that late. Per Pit Boss, Backpack Dan did manage to shut down the bar without getting into any scuffles and got tucked into his camper about when Leader usually thinks about getting up. The camper was still there when Pit Boss and Leader headed out for some practice on planks the following day...

The data - for those who care...
Pit Boss - Back of the Front of the Pack - 1:02:19 - The warm temperatures made him super happy as he was able to finally start the race with warm hands.

Leader - Middle of the Front of the Pack - 1:08:59 - As per her usual, Leader had a stronger second half then first. Something about the singletrack and finally being warmed up. These short little sprint races are hard for her!

Backpack Dan - Middle of the Middle of the Pack - 1:11:39 - He abandoned the trademark pack for a smaller, more manageable one this time, discovering in the process that lighter really is faster and the faster you ride, the more time there is for adult beverages afterwards!

Old Guy - Back of the Middle of the Pack - 1:17:05 - Leader has no details on his race. He showed up, he pedaled, he enjoyed liquid Advil afterwards, but did not stay for the after-party. Something about being responsible and having to drive home.

And the Data on the ride - for those who care!
Elevation - total change of 863, with a max of 10,436 and a min of 9,751
Race distance - 13.0 miles
Functional clothes - there were some to be seen, on the usual suspects, as well as some functional wool jerseys. 
Dropper posts - oh yeah. Those things are addicting.
Gears - yep. The entire range, just one at a time. 
Other notes - there were some flat pedals and some efficient mechanical transfer devices as the foot-pedal interface

There were plenty of other riders who joined the Crew for all or part of the after-party. Definitely worthy of patches and plaid if they chose!
Whiskey anyone?


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