Chapter Gathering

It's been a while since Teach appeared from his self-imposed seclusion, aka work. So when he suggested a chapter gathering the past weekend, of course Leader and Pit Boss had to make it happen. Nothing far, just down to Canon City and some of the best winter riding for the Front Range chapter members. There's rocks, there A-lines and B-lines and there's some great camping. So close, yet so far. Teach got down first, claiming a spot right on the trail. Leader and Pit Boss followed a little later, with Leader needing to practice what she preaches about working hard - also something about day 14... Of course, the invite for Deuce from BPR-NM was out there, but he had "homework." More then just studying for the BBI course he was taking, but "homework" in discovering the multitude of craft breweries Colorado Springs offers. He'd already gotten the tour of the primary sponsor for Leader's running antics, but with a brewery on every corner practically...

Friday night was party night, with "just the tip" of the hollow log engulfed in flames by early evening. And things got crazier from there... Once Backpack Dan showed up in the Chinook, it was full on chaos. Too bad Leader decided to sleep through most of it.

Just the tip he said..
The party made for a late start for the chapter ride the next morning. There were more gears then not, with Teach being the only pure BPR rider that day. As such, he got to lead the way around Oil Well, with Leader, Backpack Dan and Pit Boss following close behind. The guest on the ride tried valiantly to keep up, but his trail dog was better suited for the pace of the day. A good trail dog is hard to find and with some training, Stella would be the perfect companion. She could learn some things from Backpack Dan's dog BQ, who also joined on the ride. Unfortunately, work called for Dan and the first part of the ride was short and sweet. There would be more pedaling later, after the goodbyes were said and Dan drove off into the dust.

Teach and Pit Boss contemplating the life of a dog. Dirty shoes make great pillows when you are tired!
Two more rides that day! One midday and then a sunset pedal. So romantic, the sunset pedal... with Leader and Amy watching the boys vanish into the gathering shadows as they rode away. Yeah, there wasn't as much waiting on that pedal as we'd anticipated. But that's okay. Who needs romantic sunset pedals at the Back of the Pack anyway?

There wasn't much partying that night with all the interesting logs burnt already. And everyone - even the pups - were tired from a day of adventuring. Some solid staring at nature's TV and then it was bed time. Teach had an early tee time (or something like that) so wanted a good start in the morning. Leader and Pit Boss had another ride planned and wanted to pedal before it got super hot. But discussions are already in the works for another gathering - this time a little bigger and a little longer!

Sunrise - because you can't have too many sunrise photos.


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