Letters of Intent

Letters of Intent - the Founding Fathers require them for all new chapters and prospective members of the Global Chaos know as Back of the Pack Racing. Here in the Colorado Chapter, we are accepting said Letters of Intent from all interested parties for inclusion in the Crew. Letters should be submitted to the Leader either in person or through the various social media outlets. Figure it out - she's not that hard to find...

And what should those Letters contain? Well, reading the Back of the Pack Operating Instructions and the Colorado Charter are great places to start. Not just reading it - understanding the Vision, Mission and Intent of the Back of the Pack Racing - Colorado Chapter. Once you've read the charter and figure you're up to the task and qualified to wear patches and plaid, it's time to be creative. A simple "dear Leader, I wanna join the Crew" isn't going to cut it. No - paint a picture of who you are, why you wish to join and what you will contribute to the Colorado Crew. Let your personality shine throughout the Letter of Intent and you might have a chance of being accepted.

Once the Letter of Intent has been received by the Leader, there might be an On The Bike Interview process. Maybe. Depends on the Leader's schedule. Consider yourself lucky if you get an On the Bike Interview and be ready to play on rocks and explore goat trails. Following the interview and review of the Letter of Intent, you might not hear back from the Leader for a few days. But be assured, everything will be analyzed with great detail with input from both Pit Boss and Teach. And once a decision is made regarding acceptance into the Colorado Crew, you will know it.

So that's it - the process for becoming a member of the Colorado Chapter of Back of the Pack Racing. So simple and easy, yet so complex.


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