Welcome to the Newest Member of the Crew

Some people take things literally. Paint me a picture, the Leader said when asked about the application process. Show me why you're qualified to become a member of the Colorado Crew and can wear Patches and Plaid.  So that's just what our newest Member did. Instead of writing her Letter of Intent and request for membership, she painted a picture. Always intrigued, the Leader then followed with an On-The-Bike-Interview to accept delivery of the painting and to verify that the Prospective Member would uphold the Vision, Mission and Intent of the Colorado Chapter.

There were some rocks, plenty of goat trails and a general fun time playing bikes. And following the On-The-Bike-Interview, a new Member of the Colorado Crew. Welcome to Kelly, AKA Stick. She's made the pilgrimages, loves riding her bike to ride her bike and doesn't tolerate JackA$$s whilst racing. She's raced 24 Solo and has proved a quick study in all things bike-packing related. Except for that stick incident... But that's for her to explain if she chooses.


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